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A One Stop Shop Calibration Service

How many vendors do you use to complete your calibration each year? Is there a deliberate reason for having the vendors you currently utilize? What if you could have 1 comprehensive lab that had the ability to handle all of your needs? Good news, you can with usCalibration.

One stop calibration. No more need to use multiple vendors – usCalibration has a broad scope of capabilities and in the rare cases when your equipment does not fit within usCalibration’s broad scope of specialization, usCalibration works with a selected group of specialty partners in order to provide any imaginable calibration or repair service.

Take a moment to track every activity related to calibration management. Quote requests, quote review, purchase requisitions, PO approval, PO submittal, coordinating service, coordinating visit or pickup, monitoring equipment turnaround, receiving certificates, reviewing certificates, filing/uploading certificates, updating calibration statuses, releasing equipment back to your team—this is the process flow for each calibration… the more calibration events, the more non value added activity for your company and the more inefficient the process. More vendors equals more non value added activity!


“Highly responsive, focused on quality, they are a pleasure to work with. I would highly recommend usCalibration.”

– Peter Rowe, Director of Quality, PCC Avibank Division

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Everything you need to assure best in class calibration compliance for your company –

Comprehensive Scope of Capabilities: usCalibration has developed a broad scope of specialization. In areas where it has not been economical to develop the capability as of yet, usCalibration has a local partner in place who does have the capability. Take advantage of our expertise! Calibration is our business, we know how to handle your demanding needs quickly, and at the lowest cost to you.

Partner Labs: usCalibration has partnered with over 50 labs who have specific niche capabilities to utilize to support your demanding needs. You need your equipment calibrated correctly, returned promptly and safely, and at a fair price. We understand. Our partners help us guarantee that the one stop shop approach will work for you.

Calibration Program Management: New to calibration? Have problems with your current staff or processes? No problem. usCalibration has the expertise to help you with common problems that arise when developing a new calibration management system or trying to improve upon an existing process that takes excessive time and resources to execute and manage.

Accredited ISO/IEC 17025:2017 Calibrations: Now more than ever, ISO/IEC 17025:2017 accredited labs are essential. The accreditation ensures that the lab has been verified by an independent 3rd party who specializes in metrology that the processes, methodology, and performance is at the highest level possible. When you have a company who has an ISO 17025 certification you can be sure you are getting a company who demonstrates a high command of organization, metrology, and document management.

Equipment Sales: Inevitably, you need to get more equipment to your staff. Whether equipment fails calibration and is beyond economical repair or you are growing, you will eventually need to add equipment to your asset list, and usCalibration can help you save steps. We can get you competitive pricing and turnaround time, and return the equipment to you calibrated and ready to go. This will be automatically added to your xTrak® calibration log when calibration service is conducted making this a turnkey solution.