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Our Commitment to our Employees

We are committed to making usCalibration a great place to work. We go to great lengths to be highly competitive in every key of employment in order to attract and retain the best and brightest candidates. You will be continuously challenged to grow in this fast-paced environment in an effort to drive both the company and your career to new heights. We offer competitive compensation and benefits rarely seen in companies our size.

Benefits so sweet you’ll be glad we offer Dental Insurance!

Benefits designed to take care of you and your family

  1. Competitive compensation packages continually checked to stay ahead of the curve.
  2. 401(k) plan with Dollar for Dollar (100%) matching.
  3. Start accruing vacation right away at 3 weeks per year, and more after you’ve been here 5 years.
  4. Health Insurance that puts you in control:
    1. Choose from 30+ different Health Insurance plans.
    2. Includes HMOs, PPOs, EPOs across Aetna, Anthem Blue Cross, Health Net, Kaiser Permanente, Sharp, United Healthcare, and more.
    3. Comprehensive coverage for employees and dependents.
    4. Voluntary dental and vision insurance.
  5. 8 Paid Holidays.
  6. Paid Sick Time.
  7. Paid Bereavement Time.
  8. Employee discounts for amusement parks, movie tickets, sporting events, and more.


Employee Retention many Fortune 500 Companies Would Envy

usCalibration has better employee retention than many Fortune 500 companies. These include Google, Amazon, Oracle Corp., PG&E, and hundreds more!*
* Statistics taken from Survey of Fortune 500 companies.

Make a Difference in our company and in the World

Make an Impact in the world around you: Work at usCalibration is not always easy. However, team members know that they make a positive difference in the world through their work. Associates know that their work goes to support and produce the products that they rely on every day. From airplanes and automobiles to medical devices, from electronics to the food that they eat, they can see the impact of their efforts all around them. Every role in the company helps ensure that our customers can operate at peak efficiency and quality with ease. Our customers can rest assured that usCalibration will take care of their equipment throughout the entire asset management lifecycle.

Help our company rise to new heights: When it comes to making a difference internally, every team member is expected to drive continuous improvement in their work. These improvements to safety, quality, and efficiency are paramount to ensuring the company stays ahead of the curve and ensure continued growth in our competitive field.

Uniting the World: Calibration and metrology play a critical role in uniting the global village. Calibration assures that items manufactured in one country fit and work together with items made in other countries, thus allowing people from around the world to work together building better products and better lives. In our business, all nations work together to assure that they are united under a single standard, regardless of politics.

usCalibration’s role in sustainable renewable power and energy management: As world populations grow, sustainable/renewable energy and power is increasingly critical. We supply and service equipment used to manage energy systems, so that our world makes better use of what is all around us.

Career Growth Opportunities

usCalibration firmly believes in finding the optimal career path and promoting from within. We understand that you need to have control over your career track and we strive to find the best position for every individual. We know that you have both personal and professional goals. We understand that we must find what works best for both the company and the individual to ensure long-term mutual success. We offer a multitude of roles in various divisions. This allows you to move up the ladder as well as laterally throughout the organization, and to be challenged and fulfilled while balancing work with your personal life.

Company Pride in Everything We Do

usCalibration’s team members have pride in the work that they do and the difference they make in the world. They use best in class software and equipment to perform their jobs with superior quality. They can see the direct impact of their work. Through our unique offering of products and services, it is easy to see the value and peace of mind we provide for our customers. Perpetual focus on career advancement, growth, and continuous improvement help ensure that every associate grows and performs to their peak potential.

Stability in our Business & Growth for the Future

usCalibration was founded in 1997 and has grown rapidly into a world class company at the forefront of the calibration world. The company has maintained an Irvine, CA headquarters since the beginning. We continue to expand our offerings to exceed the expectations of our growing customer base. We have also expanded our geographic reach. The company is always looking toward the future and is structured for continuous growth.

usCalibration is dedicated to being a solid employer through good and bad economic times. During the economy’s ups and down, since the beginning in 1997, usCalibration has consistently maintained steady growth and stable operations. We have been accredited by one of the world’s leading metrology accreditation bodies since 2003.

Test and measurement equipment is part of the industrial infrastructure for aerospace, medical, power and energy, automotive, and commercial manufacturing. As world population and the need for global cooperation grow, and as the demand for sustainable/renewable energy increases, usCalibration’s role becomes increasingly relevant and important.

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