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Calibration Maintenance & Instrument Repair Services

Extend the lifecycle of your equipment

Most types of equipment have what is called an “asset lifecycle.” You buy a tool or piece of equipment, use it, have it calibrated, re-use it—and the cycle repeats. Eventually, that tool or piece of equipment may drift “out of tolerance” with a manufacturer’s specs or industry quality standards. In many cases, repair service can correct the problem.

usCalibration offers expert repair services for a wide array of tools and equipment. We bring equipment in need of repair to our lab, conduct a thorough evaluation of its condition and provide an estimate of the costs for repair. We determine the scope of what’s needed, the parts (if any) that need replacement and, upon our customer’s request, execute repairs in our laboratory.

“Using usCalibration was such a good decision. We were having problems getting our last vendor to send certificates. usCalibration comes in with laptops and prints the certificates for us to have before they leave.”

– Rick Eaton, Director of Quality, AAA Plating

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Need your equipment calibrated now? usCalibration offers same-day, next-day, and various expedite options to meet all your calibration needs. Turn to usCalibration for your one-stop-calibration-shop and get back to focusing on what you do best. Learn more.