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Calibration Customer Testimonials

What Our Clients Are Saying

“Using usCalibration was such a good decision. We were having problems getting our last vendor to send certificates and show up when they said they would. usCalibration comes in with laptops and prints the certificates for us to have before they leave; and they always show up when they say they will. I am very pleased with their service.”

- Rick Eaton, Director of Quality, AAA Plating, AAA Plating

“We transitioned to usCalibration from another service provider a few years ago. Their on-site calibration and on-line tracking system are the key reasons we switched. The service is great, and their people are highly committed and very nice to work with.”

- Orest Baransky, Melles Griot Laser Group,

“When I started to dig into our calibration process it was apparent there were areas of improvement. Because we have so much equipment, we also have several vendors. When I heard that usCalibration could serve as a one stop shop we were very interested. When I heard that their software could save us hundreds of hours of data entry I was really interested! They have really helped put the focus back on our core business.”

- Rachel Bethancourt, Quality Engineer, Cherry Aerospace,

“Highly responsive, focused on quality, they are a pleasure to work with. I would highly recommend usCalibration.”

- Peter Rowe, Director of Quality, PCC Avibank Division,