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Laboratory Calibration Service

When sending equipment in to our laboratory for calibration or repair, please include:

  1. A PO or PO #. Your purchase documentation is required to ensure that you receive the correct service. Please include the service you are requesting (standard calibration, accredited calibration, repair, etc.) as well as any request for expedited service. If accredited calibration is needed, please specify “ISO/IEC 17025:2017 Accredited Calibration” on your purchase order.
  2. Calibration information for equipment being sent in. Please include on your PO or other documentation the following information if known:
    1. ID #
    2. Serial #
    3. Manufacturer
    4. Model #
    5. Description
    6. Calibration Interval
  3. A copy of an usCalibration quote for equipment being sent in. If a hard copy of a quote provided by usCalibration is available, please include when shipping items in.
  4. Any equipment specific accessories needed for calibration. Our laboratory is fully stocked with standard accessories (standard AC power cords and adapters, electrical leads and adapters, thermocouple leads, etc.) but any non-standard accessory used with your equipment during operation should be included for calibration.

“When I started to dig into our calibration process it was apparent there were areas of improvement. usCalibration have really helped put the focus back on our core business.”

– Rachel Bethancourt, Quality Engineer, Cherry Aerospace

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Transportation services

usCalibration offers free local pick-up and delivery of your equipment.

  1. Pick-up: Please have all equipment and necessary paperwork ready with no wait time for our driver so that usCalibration can stay on schedule and maintain on-time service for all of our customers.
  2. Delivery: When returning your equipment we include a detailed invoice or job report so that you can check to make sure all appropriate items are back in your possession.

usCalibration can ship your equipment back via UPS or FedEx prepaid either by carrier account or added to your invoice. Please include any shipping instructions with your paperwork when sending items in to usCalibration.