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The History Behind usCalibration’s Services

Our History

As a technical trainer for major corporations in the 1990s, usCalibration founder Jim Simmons observed that calibration trainees did not appear to have a keen awareness of customer service or effective training on how to assure customer satisfaction. Sensing a possible opportunity, and to satisfy his curiosity, Jim went to a number of manufacturing facilities and asked them about their satisfaction with their calibration service providers. The majority of companies responded with dissatisfaction, indicating room for improvement for suppliers of commercial calibration services. In 1997, Jim converted his training consultancy into a customer-focused calibration service.

As the fledging calibration laboratory developed its customer base, to better understand the service gaps in the world of commercial calibration, Jim continued to ask questions of the manufacturing firms, and monitored their reactions to determine what types of services were still perceived as lacking – their “pain points.” Then, over the years, usCalibration built solutions for each pain point. As a result of this approach, usCalibration developed an array of value added services, some of them innovative when they were launched:

  • Customer-centric calibration services that assure customer confidence that the calibration laboratory will address any concerns and issues with great care and concern.
  • Use of cellular air cards and in the field to assure same days certificates and billing. This also enabled real time email communications and access to the laboratory’s file system for field technicians.
  • Use of mobile offline calibration software to assure same days certificates and billing in environments where no Internet connection is available.
  • A shared, online asset management system for customers so that customers have a real time view of their assets and their calibration history. This greatly reduced customers’ labor time needed for data entry and quality control. For many of our customers, this has saved hundreds of labor hours per year, and eliminated hundreds of data entry errors per year.
  • One stop calibration. No more need to use multiple vendors – usCalibration has a broad scope of capabilities and works with a selected group of specialty partners in order to provide any imaginable calibration or repair service.
  • Equipment sales for easy replacement of items that are not economical to repair, or for expanding customer operations.
  • Data on every certificate – unless requested otherwise.
  • Expedited turnaround times.


“When I started to dig into our calibration process it was apparent there were areas of improvement. usCalibration have really helped put the focus back on our core business.”

– Rachel Bethancourt, Quality Engineer, Cherry Aerospace

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Growing with our customers

For nearly two decades, usCalibration has continued to evolve based customer needs and changing technologies. usCalibration is constantly expanding its team and capabilities to grow with an expanding and changing market.

For example, usCalibration was among the first companies to execute calibration service and manage documentation and customer accounts in the cloud. Today, a cloud-based calibration system is a key part of usCalibration’s comprehensive range of services.

The same principle holds true for superior onsite capacity. usCalibration is equipped to provide outstanding service at a customer’s place of business, dramatically reducing the time and money customers spend to meet industry standards and keep a business running.

Providing outstanding customer service is where we started. It has become our mantra, and just one of the many things that sets us apart from the rest.

Need your equipment calibrated now? usCalibration offers same-day, next-day, and various expedite options to meet all your calibration needs. Turn to usCalibration for your one-stop-calibration-shop and get back to focusing on what you do best. Learn more.